We Live by Our Values to Best Serve Clients

December 12, 2017

our values

The role of a financial advisor has evolved tremendously over the past 20 years and you may not even realize how a financial advisor can be invaluable to you today. The financial professional of years ago was usually a commissioned broker who helped you with an investment portfolio by calling up regularly and suggesting investments for you to buy or sell. Today’s advisors may see your investments as the center of a discussion, but they also offer a range of analyses and advice to help you answer many financial questions in your life.

And finding the right financial advisor can be a challenge. The process of selecting the right advisor is a little like dating, as a colleague once put it. Just like you want to find a partner who understands your goals, has integrity, inspires trust, and communicates clearly, you want to find a financial professional who exhibits those same qualities.

President Liz Miller established Summit Place Financial Advisors when she saw a growing number of families receiving canned advice from the many large advisory firms out there. She saw the need for an independent firm with broad expertise that could take the time to deeply understand clients’ needs and offer solutions, not products.

In fact, in a recent video captured at Schwab IMPACT 2017, one of the largest gatherings of financial advisors, Liz explains how we – as independent advisors – live by a set of core values. We’re here to serve, not to sell. We leverage our investment and personal finance expertise to build solutions that are right just for you. We’re champions of your future financial success, and will always keep your best interests at heart.

Check out the video of Liz below.


Whether you’ve never used an advisor before or seek fresh, new counsel, you will need a comfortable and straight-forward approach. With our guide, you should have a better sense of how to evaluate financial advisors, and find the right one to help manage your particular circumstances.

If you’d like more information on finding the right solutions for you, contact us.