Take a Break from the Markets this Labor Day

September 2, 2015

American Flag flying in the wind with sun behind it

As Labor Day brings about the end of summer, Americans traditionally mark the extra day off with parades, barbeques and other celebrations. While the government and your work place reward you with a long weekend, you should also use it as time to take a break from the markets. Investors have been predicting a correction as inevitable for some time and although recent market disruptions bring fears, the best thing to do is put it far from your mind for a few days. Corrections are inevitable and quite unpredictable.  Some are swift but painful, while others take weeks to fully squeeze temporary excesses out of the markets. A correction rarely marks the end of an economic cycle. Since there isn’t much you should do along the way if your overall investment strategy is sound, we suggest you enjoy the end of summer with friends, family and your favorite warm weather activities. We’ll be there to monitor the markets when they re-open on Tuesday.