Summit Place Launches Learning Center for those Getting Started

February 10, 2017

We know that the internet is full of information to help you with saving, investing, budgeting and a whole range of financial planning. But like so much free information on the web, it’s not all directed to your personal circumstances. You have been doing a great job getting started and we know that you are on your way to great financial success. That is why we are launching a new Learning Center with resources written specifically for you. These articles contain the information you seek; there are specific ideas that not only will help you get started now but will still fit you as your success grows.

We recommend you start with our 2017 Tax Tips. There is still time before April to do a few things to potentially reduce your taxes. We also offer a few ideas to get started now so that next year’s income taxes can be your best managed yet.

Our other initial learning papers include:

Understanding IRAs: An IRA can be a powerful investment account. Make sure you understand all your options and how everybody can take advantage in some way.

Getting Started with Your Estate Plan: As soon as you consider a family, it is time to create the basic documents of an estate plan so that both you and your loved ones can be taken care of.

Your Top Insurance Priorities: If you think IRA’s are confusing, how about all those insurance categories. We could never cover it all in a single learning paper, but this introduction to will help you navigate the many offers that are likely to come your way. Our goal is to make sure you understand the most important insurance products and stay clear of those that are unlikely to fit your current or future needs.

We hope you enjoy this new resource. We will be adding new and updated information over time and we welcome your requests for topics you would like to learn about.