Is it time for a partner to help guide you through the new decisions?

Inheriting wealth is a bittersweet gift that often brings a range of mixed emotions and new complexity.

Do you need a guide to help you through the many new decision you face?

Are you wondering which items need to be addressed quickly and which can be delayed?

We stand ready to be your partner.

Your Challenges

  • Sudden responsibility and perhaps settling an estate
  • Reconsidering goals with complete financial planning
  • New tax and estate planning
  • Giving yourself permission to enjoy your inheritance
Woman sitting in home thinking

How We Help

You may have long been aware of your family’s wealth but suddenly it has become your responsibility to invest it, and it can seem overwhelming. We can help you each step of the way from reviewing your new assets to prioritizing your own goals and developing a personal investment strategy. We understand that some inheritors are ready to pursue their lives and new plans while others need time to consider how their life has changed and what opportunities feel right.  We are ready to listen and when you are ready, help you financially assess your new dreams.