Planning Your Legacy and Future Lifestyle? Check Out Our Learning Center

June 28, 2017

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Planning your future lifestyle and eventual legacy isn’t easy and can be even more challenging for those unsure of where to begin. Whether thinking about a full retirement, transiting to the next phase in your life, or considering how to fund your loved ones’ education, you are probably inundated with the wealth of information found on the internet. A handful of online resources provide solutions for financial planning but this common advice can apply to people in a wide range of circumstances. If you’re looking for strategic guidance that uniquely speaks to you on these topics (and many more), our learning papers can help.

The “Lifestyle and Legacy Planning” section of our Learning Center includes in-depth papers on a range of personal finance topics. The newest one is “Planning Your Next Move? Explore Renting.” This paper provides those entering the next phase of their lives a handful of reasons why renting may be better than buying.

If you’re looking for additional resources to plan your legacy and future lifestyle, here is an overview of our Learning Center:
  • Strategic Educational Funding for the Next Generation: As parents and grandparents, you only want to see your children succeed. But you might also worry about funding their future education. In this learning paper, we outline your options and our favorite choices to fund your loved ones’ education.
  • Thriving in Turbulent Times: We all know these good times can come to an end any moment. If you want to stay ahead of the damage of market declines, you should analyze the key steps in this paper.
  • Why Proper Accounting Titling and Beneficiary Designations are so Important in Estate Planning: Coordinating account titling and beneficiary designations are often overlooked elements of a successful estate plan. Many people unwittingly title accounts or designate beneficiaries in a way that undermines their estate plan. This paper can help you avoid errors by explaining the various account titling options and the use of beneficiary designations.
  • It’s Tax Time: Here are 5 Tax Management Tips: Tax season will be here before you know it. From saving for retirement to donating to charity, we highlight five strategies to help reduce your tax liability.

We will continue to add resources to the Learning Center to better help you manage your finances. In the meantime, you can click here to download all learning papers.