At Summit Place Financial, we work with those who have already been achieving financial success and are looking for experienced guidance to simplify and manage their wealth. We help you achieve financial well-being at the most personal level and we do this only for a select group of clients who have outgrown mass-market financial institutions. Your personalized partnership will focus on:

  • Your goals and objectives
  • Seamless solutions
  • Customized strategies
  • Managing, protecting and growing your assets

We want you to enjoy the comfort and opportunity that your wealth brings- not to be burdened by the daily distraction or complexity of managing it.   We listen to you, build a relationship with you, and offer strategies tailored to you.

As an independent financial advisor, we don’t sell products, earn commissions, or have quotas to meet. We deliver only fee-based services, aligning our interests solely with yours.  There is never a hidden agenda.

Financial wellness is as important as it is personal

Our Core Values


We view our clients’ trust as a responsibility. We feel it’s our responsibility to keep earning that trust every day. We do that by continuously striving to meet your needs and to maximize the value we can provide by being accessible and responsive.


We recognize that relationships we carefully build today can span generations to come. With understanding and integrity, we take the time to build authentic relationships with you and those we work alongside.


Success comes from a high level of expertise. We demand it from ourselves and others. It’s why we’re committed to continual professional development and why we collaborate with professionals we know and trust.


We strive for excellence in our business and your experience. For us, the key is being proactive, eager to anticipate our clients’ needs. We are passionate about constantly seeking opportunities to enhance your plans, your investment strategies and your experience with us.