Liz Named A 2013 Leading Women Entrepreneur

October 9, 2013

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We are proud to announce that Liz has been selected by NJ Monthly Magazine for the 2013 Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners of our state.

The mission of LWE is to “commend women entrepreneurs for their service, leadership, contribution to their communities and the state’s economic recovery.” These women have a strong idea about the value of leadership and the heights to which it can take a person, a company, a community or even a state and can empower others by creating a strong cultural identification to successful women as role models.  Together the LWE finalists are generating over $5 billion in revenues, employing tens of thousands and supporting hundreds of non-profits.

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Leading Women Entrepreneurs (LWE) is a networking organization that recognizes outstanding women in business and strives for their overall advancement. This award honors women business owners in New York and New Jersey who excel in innovation and advocacy for women. The nominee for this award must be a female resident and must own or majority own a company in New Jersey. This award was granted based on innovation, market potential, community involvement and advocacy for women.