Liz is Welcomed to The National Speakers Association

May 4, 2016

Business woman speaking to table of business people

Liz was first introduced to The National Speakers Association by the other groups she’s a part of after sharing her yearly trips to speak at The Chautauqua Institute. For the past few years, the New York City chapter has welcomed Liz as a guest and encouraged her to prepare for the national membership process. As her speaking opportunities have grown with recommendations and referrals from Chautauqua and a number of community organizations, 2016 finally felt like the right time to Liz.

The National Speakers Association is a community made up of over 3,500 professional speakers.  By sharing their skills, expertise and experiences with one another in local chapters, they educate up-and-coming professional speakers and promote each other. The New York City chapter is one of the most active and the home to many well known professional national speakers.   NSA was founded in 1973 and has grown to become one of the most recognized public speaking organizations in the country. Members come from all different industry backgrounds so meetings are never boring!

Liz has been asked to speak for various groups for the past 15 years (before she even opened Summit Place Financial!).  In 2003, she joined the Special Studies staff of Chautauqua for the first time and her loyal participants have often asked her to come to their communities to speak on similar topics.  Additionally, Liz is often asked to join professional panel presentations and round table discussions, as well as formal group presentations. Today Summit Place can offer a number of proven topics to groups including not only Market Strategy presentations, but also “Cybersecurity to Protect Your Finances”, “Family Legacy Planning” and “How to Talk to Your Adult Children About Money” to name a few.  Liz is proud to have met the professional experience requirements to be accepted as a member of The National Speakers Association.   If we can ever provide a program to your organization, please let us help you.