Accumulating $5M+

You know that financial wellness is important

You’ve taken steps to ensure you’re living life on your terms. You’ve put aside annual bonuses and profits toward your future, and when your checking account starts accumulating money, you move it to a mutual fund or investment account. At this rate, you are on track to accumulate $5 million or more by retirement!

But are you piling up investments followed only with spreadsheets?

Do you know what are the best decisions today to get you to your goals even with all the “bumps” along the way?

Your Challenges

  • How best to save for your children’s education
  • Best practices to plan for a high tax retirement
  • Unique strategies to position you for future wealth
  • How to protect yourself from becoming a wealthy target
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How We Help

We specialize in working with individuals and families who have accumulated wealth between $5M and $25M specifically. This level of wealth requires different investment strategies and specific expertise- from tax planning to 401K contributions to education funding. We stand ready to be your partner as you accumulate your first $5M, helping to develop a personalized wealth strategy for you and offering to educate you on the unique aspects of your wealth. We will set you up today and help keep you on track for your successful future.