Clutter-Free Wealth: A Goal-oriented Guide to Gaining Control of your Affluence, by Liz Miller

What is cluttered wealth? It’s wealth that has lost direction. Simplifying around your financial goals is the key to enjoying confidence and control of your wealth.

Twenty years in the making, Clutter Free Wealth is a liberating, goals-oriented approach to identifying personal priorities and financial objectives. Using the guidelines in the book, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the right team to manage your wealth
  • Become more comfortable and confident in your assets and strategies
  • Look forward to the future


Liz is interviewed about Clutter Free Wealth as part of Wall Street Journal’s kick-off “Getting Your Finances Organized.”  Listen now—only four minutes long!

Listen to Knowledge@Wharton’s Book Interview with Liz

Book Reviews

“Hallelujah! At last, a common sense, highly pragmatic guide to cleaning up the mess that aggravates and hijacks so many of us when it comes to our financial affairs. Liz Miller answers the question, “Whom can I trust and with what can I trust them?” Her goal path chart alone is worth the price of the book. I strongly recommend Clutter-Free Wealth to any high net worth investor trying to make sense of it all!”

– Charlotte B. Beyer, Founder & CEO, Institute for Private Investors, Investor Education Collaborative

“Liz Miller provides a well-organized financial guide for families that want to get more out of their wealth. Clutter-Free Wealth is highly recommended for those who feel they’ve lost control of their advisors and their goals.”

– A. Michael Lipper, CFA, President – Lipper Advisory Services, Inc.

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