Celebrating 2018!

December 29, 2018


The markets in 2018 have often left us feeling like a ship tossed at sea, and with only a couple days left to go it is still unclear how the markets will end one of the strongest economic years in recent history.  For Summit Place it has been a year of navigating markets but also helping new and existing clients navigate a wide range of concerns.  We have helped a number of families take successful steps to prepare future generations for financial responsibility and wealth stewardship.  With outright gifts, loans, trusteeships, and lifestyle budgeting with first jobs, we enjoyed sitting by our clients’ side as they considered strategies that fit their families best.  This year a number of clients sought our help engaging and disengaging from a variety of real estate transactions.  Whether it was investigating financing options, analyzing cash flows, or discussing various tax and estate consequences, we were proud to share our expertise to help craft successful strategies.  The new tax law of 2018 led to many fresh estate planning reviews, helping many of our clients potentially avoid estate taxes and addressing their ongoing concerns for asset protection and asset distribution. While we are always focused on our investment management, we are also very proud of all our efforts this year to support our clients in accomplishing a wide range of wealth goals.

We also continued to build our expertise at Summit Place Financial and are pleased to share with you two new additions to our team.  Earlier this year Chris Gula joined us as an Assistant Portfolio Manager, and we were thrilled to learn in August that he passed his Level III CFAÒ exam.  Chris will become a Chartered Financial Analyst once he fulfills the professional experience requirement.  This fall Assunta (Susie) McLane joined us from Glenmede Trust, where she often supported younger generations of the firm’s many clients.  As an additional Wealth Advisor with our firm, she brings an impressive depth of experience in both tax strategy and multi-generational advising.  Susie is very excited by the opportunity to spend more time building deep relationships with clients and anticipating their needs throughout their wealth lifecycle.   We are pleased to welcome Chris and Susie to Summit Place.

Tensions around the world have grown throughout this year regularly detracting from continued good economic news in the U.S.  As we end this year it is natural to focus on the turbulence.  We do not diminish its influence, and we are prepared to deal with its ongoing challenges.  Still as we approach the final days of the year, we also want to celebrate and appreciate the many good developments this year for our firm and our clients.  We wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019!