Author’s Promoter Features Clutter Free Wealth

March 31, 2016

man stacking coins

After many years working with clients as a portfolio manager, Liz noticed a growing trend that many highly successful people were becoming overwhelmed by the growing complexity in their wealth.  She launched Summit Place Financial to help these clients with a unique goal-oriented approach to wealth management.  As the firm gained attention and success, Liz wrote Clutter Free Wealth to offer her simplifying message and approach to others who were becoming frustrated by their own financial success.

As many of you may know, Clutter Free Wealth was published in 2012 as a way to help people get rid of the “clutter” that accumulates in wealth and take back control of their financial wellbeing. The book captured attention from the media and is available for purchase on Amazon and at Liz’s speaking engagements.   Recently Isaac Aydelman from Author’s Promoter became interested in its topic and reached out to us.  The mission of Author’s Promotion is to inform and entertain readers by sharing interesting authors through interviews about their latest work. When Isaac reached out to interview Liz, he expressed how much he thought the topic of her book resonates with their readers and we could not be more thrilled to be one of their featured books.

The interview was a one-on-one discussion getting to know Liz and finding out what inspired her to write the book. Liz shares the stories of investment clients who increasingly sought her help for other wealth issues that no one would coordinate for them.  Clutter Free Wealth takes a goals-oriented approach to personal finance to help focus all aspects of wealth around personal goals instead of daily market conditions.  The book breaks down the many cluttered and complex areas of wealth with steps towards unifying goals. The first step the book suggests is cleaning out your cluttered finances by creating an inventory of your financial assets.  Clutter Free Wealth really helps individuals take a personal approach to not only their finances, but their retirement, lifestyle and legacy as well.

We are sorry this interview is no longer available, but we are proud to be interviewed with Author’s Promoter.

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